Little Pieces For The Piano – Third Edition Book

Little Pieces For The Piano is now available in print and as digital download.

A book of Wayne Horvitz’s compositions written for the piano student in mind.

Watch videos of pieces from the book here.


“I recently came across The Little Pieces by Wayne Horvitz – a delightful collection of compositions for a young pianist, with inspiring and helpful pianistic, harmonic, rhythmic challenges. The compositional language opens the youngster’s ears and mind while telling appealing and varied stories. I believe this score should find its way into piano studios across the country and the world.”

Vladimir Valjarevic, Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy, Mannes School of Music.

The Pages of Little Pieces fairly leap with inventiveness and ingenuity….Horvitz’s pieces consistently resist cliché in every regard…. Each miniature has a distinct character and an irresistible rhythmic vitality”

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